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Fiber laser cutting machine

The BRM Fiber laser is a product line that, in terms of technology, completely distinguishes itself from the 3 other product groups; the other models make use of a CO2 laser tube whilst the Fiber laser cutting machine is fitted with a special Raycus laser source.

A Fiber laser cutting machine for rapid and detailed engraving.

In short, the Fiber laser cutting machine is extremely suitable for the rapid etching of data or images onto metal and synthetic materials without the need for any pretreatment. This is highly beneficial, especially in comparison to the CO2 lasers that require metal to be pre-sprayed for visibility purposes during processing. Therefore, the Fiber is an excellent tool for etching jewellery, drill bits or nameplates.

However, if you opt for a Fiber you will need to compromise somewhat on the table size; the standard table size is only 170x170mm. Larger tables are possible but need to be ordered in advance.

The Fiber laser cutting machines also differ in capacity; the various options in our standard product range are listed on our Fiber laser Fiberlasers – summary


The advantages of our Fiber laser cutting machine are; high precision, high speed, no dust, no noise, smooth cut-edges, no polishing required, less waste and greater efficiency.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Sale

A Fiber laser cutting machine will elevate your business to a higher level. Our fiber laser cutting machine, with its unparalleled opportunities, good price and great quality, will prove to be an excellent addition to your machinery fleet.


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