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BRM Lasers is a reliable address for expert advice and good service in the field of laser machines. Together with our producers, we are continuously improving our products. We are pleased to offer you our advice when it comes to purchasing the most appropriate laser machine for your business. Along with our numerous partners, we guarantee good service. Read more >>

For effortless lasering of wood, acrylics, steel and paper!

Our laser machines are suitable for the engraving and cutting of many types of materials, ranging from metal to plastics, and from leather to glass. Due to their enormous versatility, they are suitable for companies as well as for private individuals. Come and see us at one of our showrooms, we will happily show you the potential of our laser machines.

Our laser machines

CO2 lasers

CO2 lasers

The BRM CO2 lasers are available from
€ 9.750,- upwards

co2-lasermachine-brm-90130-hpCO2 lasers cut and engrave many types of materials with great precision at a high speed, ranging from thick acrylic sheets to paper. The laser machines are available with different capacities and table sizes.
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Portal Lasers

Portal lasers

The BRM portal lasers are available from
€ 19.500,- upwards

portaal-lasermachine-brm-130250-hpBRM portal lasers use the same technology as our CO2 lasers and offer the same possibilities. The difference is the open-table construction and therefore they are suitable for larger sheets.
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Metal Lasers

Metal lasers

The BRM Metal lasers are available from
€ 19.950,- upwards

brm-metaallaser-BRM-X-1390-side-front-top-hpOur metal lasers offer the same possibilities as our CO2- and portal lasers but have the additional benefit of being able to cut steel up to a thickness of 1.2 mm.
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Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers

The BRM Fiber lasers are available from
€ 17.950,- upwards

fiberlaser-engraver-brmlasers-hpThe BRM Fiber laser is suitable for the rapid engraving of photos onto metal and synthetic materials. The laser machine has a long service life, is highly reliable and energy-efficient.
More about the fiber laser >>

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Customer feedback about our laser machines

The service and quality of the BRM machine has enabled us to make some money after a year's hard work. We can highly recommend it for any technical training school.

Modern-day technology has become accessible thanks to BRM’s laser machine.
Our experiences with BRM are completely positive.

" - Gerard den Hertog"

B Best laser cutter in this price range - R Revolutionary: laser cutting is now accessible to everyone - M More possibilities thanks to the standard rotation system.
It’s just a pity that they are not called ‘BRMG’; I would have been able to add a G for Good service.

"Jan Minkjan - ArtEZ College of the Arts - Zwolle"

A BRM machine represents a good price/quality ratio. Their machines are characterised by their simplicity and ease of use. It simply does what it’s made for and what we bought it for.

"Gerard Crommentuyn - Laser-OP"

I can be very brief about BRM. They represent great value for money, respect their commitments and stick to what they have promised. You can rely on them in case of problems. The equipment is affordable and produces great professional results. I have been working with their machine for over 3 years now and am still extremely happy with it. I am convinced by them and am a very satisfied customer.

"Theo de Rouw - T&T LaserDesign"

I first saw this machine at a trade show. The simple programming appealed to me. Everyone who sees the products, in particular the photos on wood and mirrors, is very positive!

"Ron van Gompel - Metaalindustrie Vermeulen bv"

We are amazed, time and time again, at the possibilities and results obtained thanks to our BRM laser engraving machine. The number of incoming repeat orders stand testament to the quality that we provide our customers with.

"Van der Beek Machines"

Our BRM 6090 laser machine was purchased and installed 3 years ago. The personal approach, the quality and after-sales service all confirm that a BRM laser machine is a good investment. Complete, flexible, and versatile thanks to the accessories that came with the machine. Our next laser engraving machine will, without a doubt, also be a BRM.

"Jeroen Noteboom - Decobeam"


BRM lasers is present in several countries; please go to our Partners page.

We are still seeking to expand into other countries and regions. Please contact us if you are interested.


We work with a team of skilled technicians who maintain and repair your laser machine. We also are 24/7 available in case of technical issues. More infobrmlasers-service-4317-vk


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