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About BRM Lasers


The beginning

BRM Lasers has been active in the CO2 laser machine sector since 2010 under the leadership of Erik van Turnhout, who previously founded Tuwi metalworking machines ( With over 30 years of experience in the construction of metalworking machines, we started searching for laser machines that would also be able to cut and engrave other materials such as acrylates and wood. Eventually Chinese imports caught our eye and we established contact with a whole new culture and world; the beginning of an adventure...

Our long standing experience in mechanical engineering, led us to adjust several aspects of our laser machines to meet Dutch standards. From both a quality and safety perspective, our top priority was the development of a machine that BRM could sell with pride and peace of mind. This cost us several months of work, but they were well worth it; for quite a while now we have been able to claim that the BRM Laser machines represent excellent value for money and that they have won over numerous customers from all over Europe.


The development

We started off small, unravelling the technique and giving demonstrations in a little rented property, but have in the past 4 years undergone considerable growth. BRM now employs a diligent team of technicians to provide support for the hundreds of BRM machines active in the field. Besides from the growth of the organisation itself, we have built up an enthusiastic team of resellers and partners in Europe. Over the next few years, it is our goal to further expand this network so that we can serve the whole of Europe with our laser machines.

We will continue to consider our excellent-value-for-money principle and offered service as the main pillars for BRM’s further success. These are our company’s building blocks and will remain guaranteed along with our efforts to continuously innovate. We enjoy thinking along with you, and would be pleased to offer you our non-binding advice in regards to how our laser machines could meet your specific needs. Furthermore, our technical service unit is available 24x7 to grant you support before, during and after the sale and delivery of your BRM laser cutting machine.

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We work with a team of skilled technicians who maintain and repair your laser machine. We also are 24/7 available in case of technical issues. More infobrmlasers-service-4317-vk


Do you want expert advice on which laser machine is most suitable for your business? We take the time to advise you about the possibilities. More infobrmlasers-advice


In our showroom you can see the different types of laser machines with your own eyes. We also like to give a demonstration of the possibilities.More infobrmlasers-showroom


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