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BRM Metal lasers

Our BRM metal lasers offer the same possibilities as our CO2- and portal lasers in terms of cutting and engraving a wide variety of materials; they also use a CO2 laser tube, meaning that the same wide range of materials can be processed.

However, thanks to the addition of oxygen and a special laser head, our metal lasers have the additional benefit of being able to cut steel up to a thickness of 1.2 mm; this feature results in additional possibilities in comparison to a normal CO2 laser machine.

The BRM metal lasers come with either a closed-table construction or as a portal model. You should select your machine depending on what the most appropriate table size is for your specific applications.

Both models have been listed here below; for more information on a specific model and its accessories, you can click on the indicated “Details” link to be forwarded to the machine’s dedicated page.

Types of Metal lasers

Laser cutting machine

BRM 90130-x

€ 19.950,-


BRM 130250-x

€ 28.500,-


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