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Complementary Products for Your Laser Machine

Here below you can find some of the main suppliers of accessories for our machines. These products help to improve the laser cutting and laser engraving operations undertaken with your BRM machine. As an exclusive distributor of these products, BRM has established long-standing partnerships with the below suppliers; this enables us to offer competitive prices as well as extensive product knowledge.


BOFA - Extraction system

brm lasers-BOFA-extractionYou can also purchase a BOFA ( extraction system, which is complementary to our laser machines. BOFA extraction systems are designed for applications that emit gasses and volatile organic compounds. These filter systems use carbon filters to purify the air, meaning that your laser machine can be used in an enclosed space.

Have any questions or are you interested? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out which BOFA is the most appropriate one for your specific application!


Cermark/Thermark - Paste and spray

brm lasers-cermark-thermark

BRM Lasers sells various Cermark/Thermark products, such as pastes and sprays used for the lasering of metals and other materials. These products are used as a pre-treatment for obtaining clear and distinct engravings.

The two key players are Thermark LMM14 (170gr. spray) and Cermark LMM6000 (340gr. spray). Both give black results on metal. Prices are, respectively, €75,- and €95,- (excl. VAT).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about other Thermark products or about the spray’s specific settings.


Adventis - Acrylic mat

adventis-Acrylic mat-brm lasersIn order to offset the laser beam’s reflection on the work table, we gladly use these acrylic anti-reflection mats produced by our German partner Adventis. The standard size of a mat is 400x600, which makes it highly compatible with our machines. The cost price is €25 (excl. VAT).

Please contact us for more information or a specific request.


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